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Frequently Asked Questions

Are rivnuts, nutserts and rivet nuts the same?
Yes, rivnuts, nutserts and rivet nuts are the same thing. Also known as blind rivet nuts, or threaded inserts, they are one-piece internally threaded inserts that can be installed in sheet metal and composite material from one side to create a permanent and reusable thread. The first rivet nut was created by BF Goodrich in the 1930s and sold under the trademark Rivnut®. Rivnut® is now a trademark of BÖllhoff Inc., USA; Nutsert® is a trademark of Avdel UK Limited.

Can I use a regular rivet gun for rivnuts?
No. Though both the installation process of the tools involve a pulling action, rivet guns have totally different structures of mechanisms from rivnut tools. You will need to purchase a suitable rivnut tool to install rivnuts.

How does rivnut tools work?
Rivnuts are installed using a hand rivnut tool, a battery/cordless rivnut tool, or an air rivet nut gun. The installation steps are as below:

Wind the rivnut onto the thread of a rivnut tool
Insert the rivnut into a pre-drilled hole
The mandrel of the tool engages the threaded part of the rivnut and crimps the rivnut body (the part without thread) with a pulling action until the body grips tightly against the material being fastened.
Unwind the rivnut

For how to install the rivnuts, watch this video.

What are the applications of the nutsert tool?
Nutserts are versatile fasteners and are easy to install. They can be installed into different materials such as plastic, metal, carbon fibre, wood and more.  Therefore, Nutsert tools can be used in industries and applications such as,

Aerospace and Agricultural Equipment
Medical technology
Automotive industry
Electronic Appliances
Furniture Assembly
Boat Building
Playground equipment
Machine Tools and more

  • Battery Rivnut Tools


    Gesipa® Firebird® Pro Series are the latest innovation in Battery Rivnut technology. The Firebird Pro Gold Cordless Nutsert Gun is capable of setting rivet nuts up to M12 in steel and M10 in Stainless Steel. The Firebird Pro Can set M10 Aluminium, M8 Steel and M6 Stainless Steel.
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  • Air Rivnut Tools


    Gesipa®, FAR® and RivetLab brand Air Hydraulic Rivnut Tools. Especially suitable for high production installation. Capable of setting rivet nuts up to M12. Together with being an Authorised Service Centre for Gesipa® and FAR®, we also service and stock spare parts.
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  • Manual Rivnut Tools


    Full range of professional Manual Rivet Nut Tools available. In addition to plier rivnut tools, we have ratchet tools and lever tools. Capable of setting rivet nuts from M3 to M12. Whether you are a DIY guru, or you need a great tool for low volume installations, we've got a tool for you!
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