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Welcome To Our Jack Nuts Collection

The Jack Nut, also called the ‘Molly Nut’, is a ‘light-duty’ alternative to the Plus Nut. Featuring a flat head and slotted body, the Jack Nut is a blind nutsert designed for soft or brittle materials such as plastic, paper, or glass. During installation, the body of the Jack Nut crimps creates a permanent and reusable thread, while four legs expand behind the parent material, providing excellent pull-out resistance, particularly in soft materials. 

Jack Nut Installation

Installing Jack Nuts is straightforward, thanks to the four large slots in the Jack Nut body. They can be effortlessly installed at lower volumes using a manual rivnut tool, such as the FAR KJ15 rivnut tool. Refer to the demonstration video below for step-by-step installation guidance.

Jack Nut Applications

Jack Nuts are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, agriculture, electronic components, recreational vehicles, and manufacturing. They are ideal for light-duty tasks and excel with extremely thin materials.

RivetLab offers steel Jack Nuts in various grip ranges from M4 to M6 and the ¼” imperial size, available in packs starting from 50 pieces. In addition to Jack Nuts, we stock various other rivet nuts and fasteners. For large quantities, please don't hesitate to contact us directly or email to discuss bulk discounts.