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Welcome To Our Rivstuds Collection

Welcome to RivetLab, your go-to supplier for Rivstud Rivet Nuts. A Rivstud, also referred to as a rivet stud, is a specialised fastener comprising a flanged nutsert body on one end and a threaded stud on the other. It securely fastens two or more materials, typically sheet metal or thin-walled structures, by establishing a durable, high-strength threaded connection. Particularly suited for use in hard metric dimensioned drilled or punched holes, Rivstuds offer an efficient alternative to weld studs or clinch studs.

At RivetLab, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of steel Rivstuds from M4 to M8 and provide stainless steel Rivstuds upon request. Also, feel free to explore our rivet nuts & nutserts range.

Rivstud Installation

To install Rivstuds, you'll require a rivnut tool, customised with a mandrel specifically designed for Rivstud installation. Our bestselling RivetLab RT-512 ratchet rivnut tool is perfectly equipped for installing Rivstuds within the M5 to M8 range. To witness the seamless installation process, watch the instructional video below:

Feel free to reach out to us to inquire about stock availability or to discuss bulk discounts for quantities exceeding 1,000 pieces. We're here to assist you every step of the way.