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Welcome to Our Cordless Rivet Guns Collection

Discover top-notch cordless rivet guns at RivetLab, your ultimate destination for quality tools. As an Authorised Dealer and Service Centre for Gesipa® in Australia, we proudly offer products from this renowned German manufacturer, specialising in the riveting industry.

Our collection features the esteemed Gesipa cordless Rivet Gun series, including:

  • The classic Accubird® Pro, now equipped with the new CAS (Cordless Alliance System) battery platform.
  • The robust Powerbird® Pro Gold, engineered for installing structural rivets up to 6.4mm, as well as Gesipa Bulb-Tite® rivets up to 7.7mm (with the correct nosepiece configuration).
  • The cutting-edge Gesipa Birdie®, hailed as the fastest, smallest, and lightest battery rivet gun in its class, capable of installing rivets up to 6mm.

Our Gesipa battery riveters are versatile, accommodating various types of structural rivets, including Bulb-Tite®, Monobolt®, and Huck® rivets, as well as Multi-Grip and standard rivets. With their cord-free design, the Gesipa battery Rivet Gun series is ideal for on-site installations or production work. In addition to our cordless rivet gun range, we stock a variety of rivet guns, including air-powered rivet guns and manual options.

Are ‘cordless rivet gun’, ‘electric rivet gun’ and ‘battery rivet gun’ the same?

Yes, they are the same. They refer to battery-powered rivet guns to install rivets.

How do I choose a cordless rivet gun?

As a powered riveting tool, a cordless rivet gun is light to carry and easy to operate. In addition, it is flexible and can be run at a lower cost (compared with an air rivet gun). The advantages almost become the selection criteria for choosing a suitable cordless rivet gun:

  • Weight – Cordless rivet guns can be handheld all day long, so weight is critical. The selection guide is to choose a tool powerful enough to set the rivets but as light as possible. Gesipa cordless rivet guns are lightweight, about 2.1kg. The newly released Gesipa Birdie® weighs only 900g without a battery.
  • Stroke – Stroke is the length of travel the jaw mechanism can achieve. The longer stroke the tool provides, the more potential for the tool to install rivets in large grip ranges, such as Monobolt® & MagnaLok® rivets, in one pull!
  • Pulling Force – Pulling force is the force/torque the tool generates to install a rivet. Generally, the larger the pulling force the tool delivers, the more powerful the tool is, and the more potential for the tool to install a larger diameter rivet (size-wise) or a stainless steel rivet (material-wise).
  • Setting Capacity – Setting capacity describes the exact size and material of rivets the tool can install. Be sure that the rivet you are installing is in the tool working range.
  • Battery Power – Batteries come in different types (such as Lithium-ion and NiCad); different operating voltages (the most popular ones are 12V, 14.4 V, 18V, 18.8V); and current/Amps (such as 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah). If you are installing large-diameter rivets, choose a battery with high Amps, but consider a good balance of weight, size, operating time and recharge time.

How many rivets can I install with a single battery charge?

The new Gesipa® CAS Li-lon battery 18v 2.0Ah utilises the Ultra-M technology, provides extra power and longer runtime, and installs more rivets in a single charge. The number of rivets being installed per charge depends on the size and material of the rivets. For example, the approximate number of 2.4mm aluminium rivets is 1,800 per charge using the Gesipa Accubird Pro cordless rivet gun. For 6.0mm steel rivets, the number is close to 500. However, with the Gesipa CAS LiHD battery 18v 4.0Ah configured, you can install even more rivets on a single charge.

How do I fix a battery rivet gun?

Battery rivet guns must be maintained, especially in the nose assembly area, to avoid tool failures. Depending on the number of rivets installed, the maintenance frequency varies from once a month to daily. Read the blog Four Steps to Troubleshoot A Cordless Rivet Gun for fixing a battery rivet gun caused by lack of maintenance or misoperation. RivetLab is an Authorised Service Centre for the Gesipa battery rivet guns. We have factory-trained staff to fix your tools. If your tools are not operating correctly, give us a call.