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Welcome To Our Bulb-Tite® Rivets Collection

The Gesipa® Bulb-Tite® Rivets are pioneers of load-spreading rivets, renowned for their wide grip range and efficiency in reducing inventory. As an authorised Gesipa Bulb Tite Rivets dealer in Australia, RivetLab ensures access to these premium fasteners.

At RivetLab, we supply both steel and aluminium Bulb-Tite® rivets, sizing from 4.8mm to 7.7mm. Opting for aluminium guarantees a durable, rust-resistant fastening solution, ideal for enduring weather-related corrosion. On the other hand, steel options cater to applications demanding higher strength and durability.

What is a Bulb-Tite Rivet?

Bulb Tite® Rivet is a trademark of Gesipa® Blindniettechnik GmbH. It is the original load-spreading rivet. The rivet body folds into three legs during installation, creating a large blindside surface area. The distributed clamp force allows soft or thin materials to be joined without damage. After installation, the rivet mandrel breaks flush and is locked inside the rivet body to achieve impressive shear strength. Bulb Tite® Rivet is usually supplied with an EPDM rubber washer, which assists in creating a weather-proof seal.

What is Bulb-Tite Rivet used for?

Bulb Tite® Rivets are originally designed for the steel construction industry. However, their versatility can be used perfectly for many other applications, including truck and trailer building and repairs, height safety and abseiling anchor point installation, ventilation systems and roofing.

In Australia, the height safety industry has developed fall arrest systems that use the Gesipa RV6605-0906W Bulb Tite rivets to secure harness points to thin roof sheets such as Colorbond®. This is a quick, easy and secure way to install anchor points. The rubber seal and locked mandrel create a water-tight joint required for this type of installation. In addition, the Gesipa RV6604-6-4W Bulb Tite rivets have been commonly used to install the Lysaght roof sheet.

Bulb-Tite Rivets Installation

You can use a normal rivet gun to install Bulb Tite Rivets, but the tool needs to be configured with the Bulb Tite (BT) nosepiece and jaws. The diameter of the rivet should be within the tool's setting capacity. Contact us today at 02 9882 1112 or email to help you choose the most appropriate Bulb-Tite rivets and the rivet gun with the correct configurations.