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Welcome To Our Well Nuts Collection

Well Nuts, also called rubber nuts or rawlnuts, are removable rivet nuts comprising an EPDM Neoprene nut and a brass insert nut. They can be installed from one side to form a reusable thread. RivetLab stocks Well Nuts from size M3 to M12 with various grip ranges and head styles. In addition to Jack Nuts, we stock various other rivet nuts and fasteners. For large quantities, please don't hesitate to contact us directly or email to discuss bulk discounts.

The Benefits of Well Nuts

  • They can be installed from one side.
  • No rivnut tools are required for installation.
  • They are removable and reusable.
  • They are watertight.
  • They can absorb vibration and noise.
  • They can be used as an insulator.

What are Well Nuts used for?

Well Nuts can be used on glass, metal, fibreglass, plastic, pipes, and plywood. They are excellent for boating and automotive production and maintenance. Thanks to their wide grip range, they are suitable for thin and thick plates.

What are the restrictions of Well Nuts?

Though Well Nuts are watertight, they are not waterproof. Rubber degradation will occur, especially in the saltwater environment. The threaded fastener can also loosen over time. Also, Well Nuts have a weaker pull-out and torque strength than rivet nuts in other materials.

How to install and remove Well Nuts?

You can use a threaded fastener of any type to install and remove Well Nuts. Read our blog, Well Nuts, A Hidden Gem, for more info. Additionally, refer to the demonstration video below for instructions on how to install and remove Well Nuts.