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Welcome To Our Rivet Guns Collection

RivetLab® is a specialist supplier of Rivet Tools, including Rivet Guns, Rivnut tools and Lock bolt tools. We are an importer and wholesaler representing leading brands, specifically Gesipa®, FAR and POP®. We also offer tool servicing and provide the right advice on maintenance and operation.

Rivet Guns

Rivet Guns come in various types to cater to different needs. There are manual rivet tools and POP rivet guns, which are perfect for smaller projects or when portability is essential. For increased convenience and mobility, cordless rivet guns offer the flexibility to work in any location without worrying about power sources. On the other hand, air rivet guns harness pneumatic power for heavy-duty tasks, making them ideal for industrial applications.

At RivetLab, we take pride in providing a wide selection of rivet guns and spare parts from the brands you trust. Whether you need replacement parts or accessories to complement your rivet gun, we’ve got you covered.

Rivnut Tools

Rivnut tools, also known as nutsert tools and nutsert guns, are tools designed to install rivet nuts, rivnuts or nutserts. Depending on the pulling force generated, rivnut tools can be categorised as manual rivnut tools, cordless nutsert guns, or air nutsert guns.

At RivetLab, you'll find a top-notch assortment of rivnut tools to meet your needs. Check out our lineup, featuring:

  • The highly sought-after RT-512 ratchet rivnut tool, perfect for installing rivet nuts ranging from M5 to M12 and rivstuds from M5 to M8.
  • The Gesipa Firebird Pro Gold S version, an exclusive battery-powered rivnut tool capable of effortlessly handling M12 stainless steel nutserts.
  • And don't miss out on the X12-P air nutsert gun, offering a winning combination of quality performance and great bang for your buck.

Lock Bolt Tools

Explore our range of air hydraulic lock bolt and structural rivet tools. These tools are ideal for installing structural rivets and lock bolts like Huck C6L®, Magna-Grip®, and Huck BOM®. Plus, we don't stop at just tools – we also keep a stock of Nose assemblies tailored for structural rivets and pin and collar systems. Get everything you need in one convenient place at RivetLab!

If you're unsure which tool is best for your project, don't hesitate to reach out to our sales team at 02 9882 1112 for assistance.