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Welcome To Our Structural Rivets Collection

We are one of the leading providers of Structural Rivets, a high-strength fastener used widely in Australia. The team at RivetLab offers various options with various diameters, grip ranges, materials, and head styles, such as Dome Head, Countersunk Head, and Truss Head, to meet your specific fastening needs. We provide structural rivets, including Rivlok®, Bulblok®, and Gesipa® Bulb-Tite® rivets. Sizes range from 3.2mm (1/8") to 12.7mm (1/2").

What are Structural Rivets?

Structural Rivets, also known as Structural Pop Rivets and Structural Blind Rivets, are high-strength rivets designed with a locking mechanism to hold the mandrel inside the rivet body after installation. As a result, they provide a watertight, vibration-resistant connection between multiple materials, with increased shear and tensile strength.

Structural Rivets are optimal for structural or demanding applications. They can be used in industries such as aerospace, truck, trailer, RV, locomotive, commercially used vehicles, HVAC, sheet metal, and even agricultural equipment.

Installing structural rivets requires a rivet gun with higher pulling force and a suitable nosepiece and jaws. When making your selection, consider the tool's working capacity.

How do I measure structural rivets?

Structural rivets are measured using their diameter and grip range. The diameter of the rivet is the diameter of the rivet body, the part being inserted in the pre-drilled hole. (Note: Always prepare the hole size according to the manufacturer's specifications.) The grip range is the material thickness that the rivet is capable of joining.

The RivetLab team’s many years of experience can assist you with your most difficult fastening requirements. You can always rely on prompt and dependable service, covering everything from tools right through to structural pop rivets! Let us demonstrate how rivets can be the most cost-effective solution for almost any of your fastening application problems.

For technical advice on choosing the most appropriate structural rivets, call our expert sales team at 02 9882 1112 or email us at