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Welcome To Our Plus Nuts Collection

The Plus Nut, also known as Versa-Nut®, is a 'heavy-duty' version of the Jack Nut. They boast unparalleled pull-out strength in sheet metals, soft materials, plastics, and composites. Its slotted body splits into four legs during installation, ensuring a broad load-bearing surface on the parent material's backside. This unique feature has led to its occasional reference as split rivet nuts.

With the widest material grip range among blind threaded fasteners, the Plus Nut allows designers to reduce the number of fasteners required in an assembly. Its quick installation (taking less than 3 seconds) using simple hand tools makes it highly efficient. 

The pre-bulbed design facilitates easy installation and requires minimal installation load force, making it ideal for production work where efficiency is paramount, as well as for DIYers who don't have access to professional tools.

Its versatile applications span automotive trim and mouldings, truck and trailer sandwich sections, domestic appliances (such as handles, adjustable feet, and fixing points), and plastic fabrications (for assembling plastic recreation equipment).

Plus Nuts Installation

Compared to standard rivet nuts, plus nuts have a longer body length. As a result, they require a longer mandrel for proper installation. You can use the RivetLab RT-512 ratchet rivnut tool with the long series mandrel designed for plus nuts to install them effectively.

RivetLab: Your Trusted Supplier

Plus Nuts are available in sizes M5 to M10 at RivetLab, covering grip ranges from 0.5mm to 12.7mm. We prioritise offering our customers the best availability and variety. That's why we also provide a wide selection of other rivet nuts and fasteners. As one of Australia's largest in-stock specialty fastener distributors, we ensure you have access to the solutions you need.