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Welcome To Our Rivet Nuts & Nutserts Collection

RivetLab supplies Australia’s most extensive range of Rivet Nuts and Nutserts. Our inventory includes steel and stainless steel nutserts and aluminium nutserts, available in sizes from M3 to M16. Additionally, we offer diverse profiles, such as large flange and low profile, and various body styles, including closed-end rivet nuts and Hex Nutserts.

Nutserts, Rivnuts, Rivet Nuts = Different Names, Same Reliable Product

While customers may refer to them differently – Nutserts, Rivnuts, or Rivet Nuts – these terms all point to the same reliable fastening product – one-piece internally threaded inserts that can be installed in sheet metal and composite material from one side to create a permanent and reusable thread. During installation, the mandrel of the rivnut tool engages the threaded part of the rivet nut. It crimps the rivet nut body (the part without thread) with a pulling action until the body grips tightly against the material being fastened.


Although Nutsert® is a trademark of Avdel UK Limited, it has become a generic name for any blind threaded insert with a body and flange. Nutserts are made from different materials, such as aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass and rubber.


The first rivnut was created by BF Goodrich in the 1930s and sold under the trademark Rivnut®. Rivnut is now a trademark of BÖllhoff Inc., USA. Rivnuts are not only reliable fasteners but are also easy to install regardless of the thickness of the materials. In addition, they provide secured load-bearing threads into thin, soft materials such as extrusions, castings, housings, tubes, and panels.

Benefits of Using Rivet Nuts

Compared to a screw or bolt, rivet nuts are radially swelled to the shape of a hole. It also prevents the weakening of substrates due to vibration over time. Maintaining the rigidity of the joined materials is essential to joint strength and a reliable hold.

Three Benefits of Using Rivet Nuts:

  • They are blind fasteners, reliable, strong, and vibration-resistant
  • They form a solid foundation for other threaded fasteners or screw-in bolts
  • They are the best for mass production because they feature faster and easier assembly and can help lower installation costs.

Rivet Nuts are commonly used in aerospace and agricultural equipment, medical technology, construction, automotive industry, electronic appliances, furniture assembly, HVAC, boat building, playground equipment and more.

Choosing the Correct Rivet Nut

The most crucial attribute when choosing a rivet nut is the grip range, which refers to the material thickness into which the rivet nut is inserted. Other attributes that need to be checked are hole size, material, body style, and flange/head size. Read 5 Things to Remember to Make the Most of Rivet Nuts for more information. 

RivetLab supplies the most extensive range of rivet nuts to help you complete your pending job, including rivet nuts for special requirements, such as Jack Nuts, Well Nuts, Rivstuds, and Plus Nuts. We assure you that all our products have passed strict industry standards and are manufactured from strong, durable, and premium-quality materials.

Install rivet nuts effortlessly with our range of rivnut tools. Discover the perfect tool for your project from our selection.