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Welcome To Our Panelok Collection

Panelok, a bolt and tee nut combination, is a versatile solution suitable for various applications joining metal components such as locks, hinges and extrusions to Fibreglass Reinforced Panel. Its unique design provides a low-profile finish on both sides after installation and offers a range of benefits to streamline the assembly process.

Benefits of Panelok

Paneloks, also known as Camtainer®, are specifically engineered to enhance the assembly of truck trailers. They offer exceptional strength and ease of removal. One key advantage is their controlled clamp feature, which ensures precise and consistent tightening. Furthermore, they save costs by eliminating expensive tooling, making them suitable for various applications.

Paneloks are environmentally friendly, producing no waste material during installation. Their reusable nature adds to their sustainability, making them an eco-conscious choice for assembly needs. They also feature colour-coded seals, simplifying identification and facilitating efficient organisation during installation and maintenance tasks.

Easy to install with simple, low-cost tools, Paneloks feature the TORX® Drive System on the nuts, engineered to provide high torque transfer while minimising end load. This design ensures secure fastening and extends the drive bit's lifespan, offering long-term reliability and durability. A pre-applied 3M® thread patch prevents loosening due to vibration, further enhancing their durability.

Panelok at RivetLab

RivetLab offers Panelok bolts and nuts in various lengths, enabling various grip ranges from 18mm to 47.6mm. In addition to Paneloks, we offer multi-grip lock bolts (pin and collars). Feel free to contact us to inquire about stock availability or to discuss bulk discounts for quantities exceeding 1,000 pieces.