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Cordless Rivet Guns, Air Rivet Guns, Rivnut Tools, Lockbolt Tools and Accessories from Gesipa, FAR and Gage Bilt


Bulb-Tite, Structural, Multi Grip and High Strength Rivets in Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel
Rivets Online


Known as Nutserts, Rivnuts or Theaded Inserts. Rivetlab has Australia's most extensive range of Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel Rivet Nuts

Lock Bolts

RivetLab has an excellent selection of Lock-bolts and Panel Lock fasteners commonly used in the Truck and Trailer industry

Rivet Suppliers

Need the right rivets, rivet nuts and lockbolts? RivetLab is the go-to specialist for high performing rivet supplies across Australia. 

Not only do we pride ourselves as one of the top rivet suppliers within Australia, but we also help in the distribution of industrial supplies to Gesipa®, FAR®, POP® and Gage Bilt. All of what we have within our selection have been engineered to fasten and stay in place for long-term success.....

Rivets Online

 Aside from rivets, we offer various industrial tools such as air lockbolt tools, rivet guns, and even accessories from Gesipa® that go hand in hand with our rivets, rivet nuts, and lock bolts. As importers and wholesalers, we ensure our tools coming from leading manufacturers are also installed properly with the right rivets, rivet nuts and lockbolts.

Our rivets and rivet nuts are of either steel, aluminium, and stainless steel to guarantee the integrity of their application, coming in the forms of regular rivets, BulbTite® rivets, Bulblok® rivets and even structural rivets. In addition, we accommodate all types of high-performance fasteners that hold impressive shear strength and weather tightness, making them ideal for any industrial productions and repair.

Our selection of lockbolt and Panelok fastener supplies are all optimal with vibration resistance, with certain ideals lockbolts for wood or metal applications. The resistances we’ve placed onto our lockbolts will ensure lasting strength and performance, making them ideal for stabilizing large transportation vehicles.

All that we have in our inventory, with a simple click of a button, RivetLab opens its rivets online catalogue and allows for shipping or collection from our warehouse in Roseville.
If you’re looking for the right power tools and fasteners to help you get your homes or vehicles up and going for the longest time, RivetLab has it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a service in applying rivets and rivet nuts?
Yes, we can aid you in installing Avdel® Monobolt®, Ornit Orlock®, Huck® rivets such as Magna-Lok®, HuckLok® or Magna-Bulb®.

How to select the right rivets?
There are five factors to consider in choosing the right rivets for a particular application: rivet size (diameter), grip range, rivet material, rivet head style, strength. You are more than welcome to contact our sales team on 02 9882 1112 if you need help with choosing the right rivets.

What type of rivet materials does RivetLab focus on?
RivetLab makes use of steel, aluminium, and stainless steel rivets that come in regular rivets, BulbTite® rivets, Bulblok® and even structural rivets.

What are BulbTite® Rivets?
Gesipa® BulbTite® rivets are the original load-spreading rivets / trifold rivets. They have been found to be excellent for many other applications including truck and trailer building, height safety and abseiling anchor point installation, ventilation systems and roofing.

What is the delivery time for purchased items?
We will strive to have your order dispatched in 1 to 2 business days. The standard delivery usually takes 1 to 5 business days. For Remote Areas, the delivery time will vary.