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Your Handy Guide To Lock Bolts

Unravelling the Strength and Security of RivetLab's Innovative Fasteners

In the realm of industrial fasteners, we are trailblazers when it comes to fastener technology. At RivetLab, we have introduced a range of revolutionary lock bolts combining unparalleled strength and enhanced security. Let's take a closer look at three of our standout offerings: Steel Multi-Grip Lock Bolts, Huck® Bolts, and Panelok, and delve into the unique attributes of the Button Head and Truss Head styles within the Steel Multi-Grip section.

Steel Multi-Grip Lock Bolts

RivetLab's Steel Multi-Grip Lock Bolts are a true testament to engineering ingenuity. These fasteners, available in both Button Head and Truss Head styles, offer strength and adaptability. With a focus on providing solutions that cater to a wide range of applications, our team at RivetLab has truly raised the bar with our range of versatile lock bolts.

Button Head and Truss Head Styles:

The Steel Multi-Grip Lock Bolts are available in two styles: Button Head and Truss Head. Let’s delve into the differences between the two below: The Button Head style features a standard profile, streamlined design that enhances aesthetics and reduces interference. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where maintaining a clean appearance is essential or where space is limited. On the other hand, the Truss Head style boasts a larger head surface area, which contributes to better force distribution and clamping performance while minimises protrusion. This style is particularly suitable for applications that require a larger bearing surface to prevent material deformation.

Installation Process:

These lock bolts are designed for easy installation, ensuring the process is efficient and effective. A hole is drilled through the materials that need to be joined, and the steel pin of the lock bolt is inserted. The collar is then placed over the pin from the back side of the material, and lock bolt guns are utilised to tighten the fastener securely. This process guarantees a robust connection and a consistent clamping force, resulting in a joint that can withstand the most demanding conditions.

Multi Grip Advantage:

The term "Multi Grip" indicates the fastener's ability to accommodate a variety of material thicknesses. This adaptability is a significant advantage when dealing with applications involving materials of varying gauges. The “Multi Grip” lock bolts reduce the need for maintaining a large inventory of different bolt sizes.


Whether it's the sleek aesthetics of the Button Head style or the enhanced clamping performance of the Truss Head style, Steel Multi-Grip Lock Bolts are an ideal choice for a wide array of applications. From heavy machinery and structural frameworks to transportation and architectural projects, these lock bolts excel in diverse settings, providing a secure and reliable connection that meets the highest standards.

Huck® Bolts

Huck® Bolts are Huck® branded lockbolts. They are one of the most popular lock bolts manufactured by Howmet® Fastening Systems. In the world of fasteners, Huck® Bolts are synonymous with exceptional structural integrity. RivetLab's commitment to innovation is evident in its offering of these robust fasteners designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Huck® Bolts are a testament to the fusion of strength and reliability. Huck® Bolts operate through a unique swaging process that draws materials together, creating a secure and resilient connection. At RivetLab, we offer two styles of Huck® Bolts: aluminium and steel Huck® Bolts. The absence of an external tail enhances the joint's aesthetics and safety. These fasteners excel in applications with critical shear and tensile strength, such as aerospace, transportation, and infrastructure projects. The ability to join materials of varying thicknesses and compositions further enhances their versatility.


Panelok lock bolts are highly customised two-piece bolt & nut type fasteners. These innovative fasteners are designed specifically for joining panels and sheets with different thicknesses while maintaining a low-profile finish on both sides. The installation involves placing the splined bolt through aligned holes in the panels and tightening the Torx drive T-nut. Externally tamperproof, the assembly is optimal for metal/wood applications. Panelok lock bolts find extensive use in automotive manufacturing, transportation, and architectural applications. Their ability to create visually appealing and sturdy joints in various settings underscores their versatility and reliability. At RivetLab, our lock bolts represent the pinnacle of fastener technology, providing strength, security, and adaptability in equal measure. From the versatile Steel Multi-Grip Lock Bolts, available in both Button Head and Truss Head styles, to the unrivalled structural integrity of Huck® Bolts and the versatile elegance of Panelok, RivetLab's innovative offerings cater to the most demanding engineering challenges. To experience the future of fastening and explore the wide range of solutions offered by our team of experts at RivetLab, view the full range of lock bolts and unlock a world of possibilities.

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