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Gesipa® Birdie®, Your All-In-One Electric Rivet Gun

Since the first version of the Accubird® cordless rivet gun was invented in 1992, German manufacturer Gesipa® has continuously gained a good reputation for quality and innovation on its battery-operated cordless rivet guns. From the original Accubird, Powerbird & Firebird guns to the ‘Bird’ Pro versions and the latest ‘Bird’ CAS (Cordless Alliance System) versions, Gesipa® has taken its proven technology to the next level to release the smallest, the lightest and the fastest electric rivet gun in its class yet, the Gesipa® Birdie®.

Lightweight & Compact

While the average weight of a cordless rivet gun (with battery) is around 2kg, the new Gesipa Birdie weighs only 900g without a battery. Given the dimensions of 200mm in length and 266mm in height, it is smaller than an A4 sheet. It allows you to work effortlessly for longer hours, either on-site or in-house.

Tool-free Maintenance & Nosepiece Exchange

Our previous blog mentioned that all rivet guns must be maintained regularly, especially in the nose assembly area. Unlike other tools requiring spanners and pin punches to maintain the nose assembly, the Gesipa Birdie can be disassembled and assembled with your bare hands. Likewise, changing nose pieces (nose assemblies with the Gesipa Birdie version) doesn’t require any tools. The Gesipa Birdie comes with colour-coded nose assemblies. Each colour represents a unique size to match the rivets you are installing. Refer to the table below to choose the correct nose assembly.

Transparent Spent Mandrel Collector

The transparent spent mandrel collector allows the number of spent mandrels to be monitored constantly. The new Click & Twist feature allows quick and easy emptying of the spent mandrels.

Brushless DC Motor

Like other Gesipa cordless rivet guns, the Gesipa Birdie features 100% ball-bearing mounted components in the drive unit and a faster, more powerful brushless DC (BLDC) motor, compared with standard cordless guns. The BLDC motor is almost wear-free. These features double the setting speed and provide a much longer service life.

CAS Battery Platform

The new Gesipa Birdie is powered by CAS batteries, which provide a longer run time for the tool. They are compatible with all 18-volt batteries and chargers of the CAS partners, including Metabo®. This helps to reduce battery replacement costs.

Call 02 9882 1112 or contact us for more information on the Gesipa® Birdie®, or buy this lightest, smallest, fastest cordless rivet gun online.

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