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Gesipa® Retaining Nosepiece

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SKU: GS-1655427
Size: 17/24 R
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Gesipa Retaining Nose Piece
Regular price $50.60 AUD
Regular price Sale price $50.60 AUD

Gesipa® retaining nosepieces are compatible with the Gesipa Accubird Pro CAS, the Powerbird Pro Gold CAS cordless rivet guns and the Taurus series air rivet guns. These nosepieces feature a mechanism that securely holds rivets in place, allowing for one-handed operation. This is particularly beneficial when working at heights, ensuring no rivets are dropped. Additionally, retaining nosepieces increase efficiency and precision in riveting tasks, reduces the risk of injury from dropped rivets, and improves overall workflow by allowing for smoother and faster installations.

Please refer to the table below to determine the appropriate nosepiece size.

Rivet Ø Rivet Material Mandrel Ø Nosepiece Code
2.4 Al 1.85 17/18 R GS-1655422
3.0 Al, Al/Al, Steel, Stainless Steel 2.0 17/20 R GS-1655424
3.0 Al, Steel, Stainless Steel 2.2 17/22 R GS-1655426
3.0 & 3.2 Al, Steel, Stainless Steel, Al/Al 2.4 17/24 R GS-1655427
4.0 Al 2.4 17/24 R GS-1655427
4.0 Al/Al, Steel 2.7 17/27 R GS-1655428
4.0 Stainless Steel 2.9 17/29 R GS-1655429
4.8 & 5.0 Al 2.9 17/29 R GS-1655429
4.8 & 5.0 Steel, Al/Al 3.2 17/32 R GS-1655430
4.8 & 5.0 Stainless Steel 3.6 17/36 R GS-1655431
6.0 Al 3.6 17/36R GS-1655431
6.0 Steel 4.0 17/40 R * GS-1655433
6.4 Al 4.0 17/40R * GS-1655433
6.4 Steel, Al/Al 4.5 17/45 R * GS-1655434

* Not suitable for the Gesipa Accubird & Auccubird Pro rivet guns.

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