High-performance battery, air and manual Rivet Guns. For instance, our tools set Standard, Multi-Grip and Structural Rivets. In fact, we represent leading manufacturers, including Gesipa, FAR, POP and Gage Bilt. Rivetlab can provide you with the right advice to get the right rivet gun in your hands with our extensive product and application knowledge. Whether you are installing Monobolt®, Orlock®, Huck® rivets such as Magnalok®, Hucklock® or Magnabulb® We have a solution for you.....

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a rivet gun work?
The jaw mechanism of a rivet gun pulls the mandrel through a rivet body and breaks the mandrel at a set point, causing the rivet body to expand and permanently grip the two pieces of material to be joined. Depending on how the pulling force is generated, rivet guns can be categorised as manual rivet tools, battery rivet guns, cordless rivet guns and air hydraulic rivet guns.

How do I choose a cordless rivet gun?
As powered riveting tools, cordless rivet guns are light to carry and easy to operate. Moreover, they are flexible and can be run at a lower cost (compared with air rivet guns). The advantages almost become the selection criteria of choosing a suitable cordless rivet gun:

-Weight: Gesipa Cordless rivet guns are lightweight, about 2.1 kg

-Stroke: Stroke is the length of travel the jaw mechanism can achieve. The longer stroke the tool provides, the more potential for the tool to install rivets in large grip ranges, such as Monobolt® & MagnaLok® rivets, in one pull!

-Pulling Force: Pulling force is the force/torque generated by the tool to install a rivet. Generally, the larger pulling force the tool delivers, the more powerful the tool is the more potential for the tool to install a larger diameter rivet (size-wise), or a stainless steel rivet (material-wise).

-Setting Capacity: Setting capacity describes the exact size and material of rivets the tool is capable of installing. Be sure that the rivet you are installing is in the tools working range.

-Battery Power: Batteries come in different types (such as Lithium-lon and NiCad); different operating voltages (the most popular ones are 12V, 14.4 V, 18V, 18.8V); and current/Amps (such as 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah). If you are installing large diameter rivets, choose a battery with high Amps, but consider a good balance of weight, size, operating time and recharge time.

● Do you supply spare parts for rivet tools?
Yes! We supply spare parts for our rivet tools from the leading brands such as Gesipa®, FAR®, POP® and Gage Bilt. Aside from rivets, we offer various industrial tools such as air lockbolt tools, rivet guns, and even accessories from Gesipa® that go hand in hand with our rivets, rivet nuts, and lock bolts.

  • Cordless Rivet Guns


    Gesipa® Cordless Rivet Guns are capable of setting 2.4 to 7.8mm rivets. They can install various types of rivets including Bulb-Tite®, Monobolt®, and Huck® rivets as well as Multi-Grip and standard rivets. Because it is cable-free, Gesipa® battery Rivet Guns are ideal for on-site installation or production work. RivetLab is an Authorised Dealer and Service Centre for Gesipa®.
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  • Air Rivet Guns


    High performance Air Rivet Guns to set rivets from 2.4mm to 6.4mm, including Monobolt®, Magnalok®, Bulb-Tite® as well as Multi-Grip and Standard Rivets. Authorised service centre for Gesipa® and FAR®.
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  • Manual Rivet Tools


    Rivetlab can provide you with the best Manual Rivet Tool. Furthermore, we are an Australian based authorised Gesipa and FAR dealer and service centre.
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