• Battery Lockbolt Tools

    BATTERY (1)

    Introducing the RivetLab SRLB high performance Battery Lockbolt and Structural Rivet Tool. Installing lock bolts and structural rivets up to 6.4mm in diameter especially Magnagrip®, and C6L® Huck Bolts®.
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  • Air Lockbolt Tools

    AIR (4)

    Air Hydraulic Lockbolt and Structural Rivet Tools from FAR and Gagebilt.  Usually used to install structural rivets, Huck C6L® and Magna-Grip® as well as Huck BOM®.
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  • Nose Assemblies

    Nose Assemblies (12)

    Made in USA - Gage Bilt Nose assemblies. Along with Huck® Magna-Bulb®, we have noses for Huck® Magna-Lok®, Huck® Magna-Grip® and Avdel® Maxlok®. Furthermore our nose assemblies suit Structural Rivet Tools and Lockbolt Tools from most manufacturers.
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