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Cordless in Charge - Gesipa® Firebird Pro & Firebird Pro Gold Rivnut Tools

Good news for fans of the GESIPA® range. The company has released two new additions to the GESIPA® Pro Bird Family: the Gesipa® Firebird Pro & the Gesipa® Firebird Pro Gold Cordless Nutsert Guns. The key features of the new Battery Rivnut Tool are: 

  • BLDC (Brushless) technology
  • 18 v/2.1Ah Li-ion battery
  • Quick change nose assemblies
  • Ergonomic design

What does this mean for you? It means more efficiency on the job, a smarter finish and more power.

Founded in 1955 in Germany, GESIPA® has become one of the leading international companies in the blind rivet market. Today, the company says its ongoing commitment to innovative products is possible because of its investment in its people, its manufacturing site, its partnerships and reliable processes. In line with the company’s certified quality management system, all products are subject to extensive quality assurance measures and function checks that extend well beyond the standard scope too, and this is what customers rely upon when they choose GESIPA®.

If you’re looking to buy or upgrade your current Rivnut Tool, you won’t be disappointed if you choose a GESPIA®.

What are the new features of the Gesipa Rivnut Tool?

The company has earned a global reputation for the impeccable alignment of blind rivets, blind rivet nuts and Rivstuds, which is possible because of the quality of its complete range. And these new additions are no exception. Most of our customers will know that setting rivet nuts can be tricky –undersetting of rivet nuts will cause the rivet nut to spin or pull out while oversetting will damage the tool and the rivet nut. But the Firebird Pro has a solution. The new tool features an LED display digital pressure control, which provides accurate pulling force and easy adjustment to install M3-M12 rivet nuts. This feature takes the ‘guesswork’ out of installing, avoiding wasted time and providing the perfect finish.

What's the LED display digital pressure control for?

The tool comes with an easy-to-understand setting guide for the LED display digital pressure control. You simply choose the rivet nut size and material you are installing in the chart provided, for example, M5 steel rivet nuts, locate the required setting number (for example, 60) and choose it on the panel. It’s important to note that this quick-setting guide is only a starting point. Fine-tuning the setting force may be required depending on the rivet nut manufacturer, profile, material, and grip range. Decrease or increase the setting force to obtain the perfect installation.

LED display digital pressure control

Other features of the new cordless nutsert tools

The latest tools offer the following new features:  

  • Increased stroke to 10mm
  • Increased setting speed - Compared with the previous Firebird model, the setting speed is doubled.
  • Increased pulling force to 15KN (the FireBird Pro edition) and 20KN (the FireBird Pro Gold edition).
  • The FireBird Pro Gold Rivet Tool edition can Install rivet nuts up to M12 in steel. This is a substantive jump, as most battery rivet nut guns only install rivet nuts up to M10.
  • Automatic wind-on (after pressing the trigger) and wind-off function shortens the setting time as well.
  • The Mandrel storage case means that everything can be well organised, neatly packed and stored away to avoid losing parts.

If we can help, just ask us. Our team has spent time assessing and getting to know these new models and all the features so that we can answer any of your questions. 

It really is these small details designed with the end-user experience in mind that really make GESIPA® a stand-out manufacturer. The company also provides quality spare parts should you need them, and here at RivetLab® we provide all servicing requirements and warranty commitments.

How do you set rivet nuts properly?

Remember, always select the correct size of mandrel and nosepiece to set rivet nuts. Adjust the pulling force to set rivet nuts, but not oversetting. Check that the hole size and thickness of the material suit the rivet nut’s specifications.

Rivet Nuts & Nutserts Setting Guide

These new models are ready to change the game for battery-operated rivnut tools. If you’ve been on the hunt for a battery-operated, cordless rivnut tool for a while – look no further than the GESIPA® Pro Bird Rivnut Tool. Ready to make your operations completely seamless? You’ll never want to switch back to your old tool again!

Feel free to contact us or drop into our store in Roseville, Sydney, for a demonstration of the new GESIPA® Pro Bird Rivnut Tool.

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