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Why everyone’s talking about the Gesipa battery rivet gun

German manufacturer Gespia® have long had a great reputation in the rivet-tool and fastening sphere. Boasting a handful of luxury brand clients such as BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar & Land Rover, which use the Gesipa Cordless Rivet Guns for their production, it continues to impress.

Founded in 1955, Gespia’s long-standing success really comes down to two things – quality and innovation. It was the company that first gave us the cordless (battery-operated) rivet/rivet nut guns some years ago, including the Accubird, Powerbird rivet guns, and Firebird rivet nut gun which have been in the market since the early 1990s.

As battery rivet guns continue to gain popularity, for convenience and ease of use, Gesipa continues to improve performance and design features which keeps it ahead of the pack, and its latest upgraded versions of the Accubird, Powerbird & Firebird tools (Including Accubird Pro, Powerbird Pro & Prowerbird Pro Gold rivet guns and Firebird Pro rivet nut tool) are no exception.

The Gesipa Battery Rivet Guns continue to get lighter — weighing around 2 kilograms, including the battery—making them easy to carry and use.

The new advanced versions also have more powerful brushless motors and a longer service life. For a look at the specifications, read on:

The original Bird Family – new Pro series

Pro & Firebird Pro Gold rivet nut guns feature:

  • BLDC technology results in a faster and more powerful brushless DC (BLDC) motor, increased productivity (up to 4x faster than other battery tools), and a longer service life.
  • It has an upgraded battery from 14.4 V/1.3 Ah to 18.0 V/2.1 Ah—a new sliding battery with a charging indicator. This results in a stronger pulling force and, therefore, more rivets installed per charge, allowing you to get the job done more efficiently and in less time.
  • The auto-reverse function shortens the pulling process, and it also provides more efficiency in installation.
  • The Jaws & Nose Assembly system is the same as the Gesipa Taurus air rivet guns. If you’re familiar with the older products, you’ll easily pick up the new ones.
  • Ergonomic design so that the gun is easier and more comfortable to use for long periods of time.

Gesipa Cordless Rivet Gun Accessories

Added options for the Gesipa battery rivet gun range are also available. These include:

  • Transparent mandrel containers
  • Retaining nosepieces
  • Angle head 90°
  • Universal nosepiece
  • Extension units
  • Batteries and chargers

Re-engineered Gesipa® Powerbird Pro Gold rivet gun

In Australia, RivetLab® is an Authorised Dealer and Service Centre. We stock Gesipa products and spare parts. At RivetLab, we have re-engineered the Gesipa Powerbird Pro Gold rivet gun to accept Huck® and Gage Bilt nose assemblies and accommodate 6.4mm lock bolts.

This means that the Pro series is capable of installing rivets from small diameter (2.4mm) to large diameter (6.4mm), including structural rivets, such as Monobolt®, Interlock® Orlock®, Huck® Magna-Bulb®, Huck® Magna-Lok®, and RivetLab® Rivlok rivets, and lock bolts, such as Avdel® Avdelok®, Huck® Magna-Grip® Huck C6L®, and Avdel® Maxlok®.

If you’d like to look at the new range or have any questions, come in and see us or give the team a call.

There are plenty of reasons to be ‘nut’s about Rivet Nuts

Cordless in Charge - Gesipa® Firebird Pro & Firebird Pro Gold Rivnut Tools