• RivetLab X12 Air Nutsert Tool – setting rivet nuts up to M12

RivetLab X12 Air Rivet Nut Gun – setting rivet nuts up to M12

$1,925 inc. GST

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RivetLab X12 is a cost-effective and reliable air rivet nut gun that installs rivet nuts up to M12 in all materials. It is suitable for both production and project-based installations. It is made in Europe and supplied with a complete set of nose assemblies.


  • Quick and easy stroke adjustment
  • Spring balance attachment
  • Fast and simple change of mandrel and nosepiece

Product Specification

  • Weight : 1.65 kg
  • Length : 285 mm
  • Pulling Force : 18,500 N
  • Stoke : 7 mm



Product Code: RT-X12

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