• Gesipa HN2-BT Rivet Gun for Bulb Tites

Gesipa® HN2-BT Heavy Duty Lever Rivet Tool – setting Bulb-Tite® rivets up to 7.7mm Ø

$412.50 inc. GST

Gesipa® HN2-BT is a heavy duty Lever Rivet Tool, designed to install Gesipa® Bulb-Tite® Rivets up to 6.4mm Ø in all materials and 7.7mm Ø in aluminium. It features an integrated mandrel collector which swivels for easy removal. Its lever and gear design significantly reduces the physical force required to set rivets. It is configed with Bulb-Tite® nosepieces and Bulb-Tite® jaws.

This tool is also capable of installing standard rivets up to 6.4mm Ø in all materials.

Package Accessories

  • Nosepieces: 16/26BT, 16/32BT, 16/42BT, 16/48BT
  • Nosepieces: 16/29, 16/32, 16/36, 16/40 & 16/45
  • Spent mandrel container
  • Operating instructions

Product Specification

  • Weight : 1.85 kg
  • Length : 577 mm
  • Stoke : 10 mm


EAN: 4007081130028

Brand : GESIPA

Product Code: GT-HN2-BT

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