Rivlok® Structural Rivets are ideal for structural or demanding applications. They feature impressive installed values and a wide grip range. With reduced inventory, the Rivlok® series are the most flexible Structural Rivets for various applications. Available in Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel as well as Dome Head, Countersunk Head and Truss Head. Call our expert sales team for technical advice on choosing the most suitable Structural Rivets for your project.....

We are one of the leading providers of a high strength fastener used widely in Australia, structural rivets. The team at RivetLab offer a wide variety of options with various diameters, grip ranges, head styles such as Dome Head, Countersunk Head and Truss Head to meet your specific fastening needs. We know that structural blind rivets are primarily used in transportation industries such as aerospace, truck, trailer, RV, locomotive, and commercially used vehicles, HVAC, sheet metal, and even agricultural equipment. For these reasons why we offer a more comprehensive grip range than standard grip blind rivets to help users reduce inventory and eliminate operator error.

Structural Blind Rivets

RivetLab ensures that these structural blind rivets are high-quality due to the locking mechanism that keeps the mandrel in place and exceeds customer’s expectations. Aside from this, these structural rivets are extremely strong. We assure you that the said mechanically locked stem accounts for the high strength of the rivets. These are ideal for filling oversize or irregular facing holes since they are stronger and vibration resilient. You can also choose from available options of aluminium, steel and stainless structural pop rivet.

Structural Pop Rivets

The RivetLab team’s many years of experience can assist you with your most difficult fastening requirements as you can always rely on prompt and dependable service and cover everything from tools right through to structural pop rivets! Allow us to demonstrate how rivets can be the most cost-effective solution for almost any of your fastening application problems.

For technical advice on choosing the most appropriate structural rivets, call our expert sales team at 02 9882 1112 or email us at sales@rivetlab.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use structural rivets?
Using structural rivets allows the connection of the parts if rear access is limited. Aside from this, these types of rivets are an excellent option when you require a high strength joint for critical applications.

How can I get rivets removed?
Cover it with tape to remove the rivet and pierce the hole in the rivet about the size of the rivet diameter.

How can I measure structural pop rivets?
Rivets are diameter and grip length measured. The diameter of the rivet is the hole in which the rivet is fitted. The grip range is the material thickness that is attached.

Why do you use rivets rather than screws?
In permanent assemblies, rivets and structural rivets are used, usually for connecting thinner materials.

Will you be able to tighten rivets?
No, once a rivet or structural blind rivet is in place, it will be the tightest it will ever be.

● How are rivets put in place?
A riveter is used to install rivets and structural pop rivets. Rivets are placed in a special tool that removes the rivet’s mandrel and expands the other side of the rivet. Riveters can be powered by hand, pneumatically, or by a battery.