The Gesipa® Bulb Tite® Rivets are the original load spreading rivets. They feature wide grip range and less inventory. Available in aluminium and steel. RivetLab is an official dealer of Gesipa® Bulb Tite® Rivets in Australia.....

Gesipa® Bulb Tite Rivets

Looking for a rivet that can be used in a specific manner can be troublesome especially if you don’t know where to start. Here in RivetLab, our team is experienced in recommending the most appropriate rivets you need and may want to use. One of which is Gesipaâ Bulb Tite rivets.

These types of rivets are weatherproof, multi-functional folding type Bulb Tite rivets, which were specifically designed for the construction industry, such as the installation of roof anchor points for height safety purposes. Gesipaâ Bulb Tite is designed with three legs to form the rivets that uniformly distribute the load over the workpiece, making it ideal for soft, thin and even breakable materials. Our Bulb Tite rivets also work across a wide range of grips and are supplied with a neoprene washer under the head, which gives the rivets an excellent water tightness.

With Bulb Tite rivets you can choose among different options of head styles including the Standard Dome, the Large Flange and Countersunk. Another advantage of the retained mandrel core of the Bulb-Tite rivet is their additional strength. Bulb rivets in high shear loads are less prone to failure. RivetLab’s Bulb Tite rivets work well in materials where other fasteners fail. The folded legs are adapted to the curved surfaces so that the tubes, curvatures and other difficult shaped applications are secured. Oversized or long holes can be adequately covered with large legs to prevent stress in high-voltage applications.

Bulb Tite rivets are also available in steel and aluminium materials. Aluminium ones will provide a long-lasting, non-rusting fastener that is resistant to weather-related corrosion. While those available in steel materials are for applications requiring greater strength.

You can always rely on effective, timely and reliable service at RivetLab. With the team’s years of experience in assisting, we assure you that we can help with your most difficult fastening requirements!

Contact us today at 02 9882 1112 or email to help you choose the most appropriate and suitable rivets you need for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use Bulb Tite rivets in wood?
Rivets are not designed to be used with wood; use at your own risk.

Can Bulb Tite rivets rotate?
Rivets rotate when they are old and loose, when the rivet diameter is too small, or when they are installed incorrectly.

Is it okay to paint the Bulb Tite rivets?
Yes, just make sure you use paint that will adhere to the material.

Is it possible to reuse Bulb Tite rivets?
Normally, it cannot be reused. Metal rivets are difficult to remove. When dealing with metal rivets, simply chip the top of the rivet away with a flathead screwdriver and hammer.

Is the strength of Bulb Tite rivets comparable to that of welds?
Welding is more powerful than riveting. If the two parts must be able to withstand forces that pull them apart, riveted joints are more likely to fail than a properly welded joint.

Will aluminium Bulb Tite rivets corrode?
In the right conditions, any material can corrode; always choose a material that is appropriate for the environment you are in.