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Picture Perfect Rivet Nut Inserts for Automotive Manufacturing

A rivet nut insert is a perfect fastener for creating a permanent and reusable thread in thin sheet materials. It is gaining popularity because of its high versatility and ease of assembly.

Introducing G-Sealed® Rivet Nuts

Recently, German manufacturer Gesipa® released a pre-coating version of the rivet nut insert called G-Sealed®, which creates an extra seal layer under the flange of a nutsert or rivstuds rivnut. G-Sealed rivet nuts can be used in a range of applications. However, with the increased thermal and chemical resistance this layer of coating provides, they are particularly suitable for the automotive industry.

Features of G-Sealed Nutserts include:

  • Non-reactive and non-hardening coating
  • Dry, elastic, non-slip coating
  • Immediate sealing after installation
  • Suitable for both metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Label-free – no harm to the environment

How to install G-Sealed Rivet Nuts?

Installing the G-Sealed rivet nuts is no different from installing other rivnuts. Depending on the volume of G-Sealed rivnuts installed, a hand rivnut tool or powered nutsert tool will do the trick.

RT-512 Ratchet Rivnut Tool can install M5 to M12 rivnuts in all materials, plus M5 to M8 rivstud rivnuts. With the assistance of the ratchet action, this tool requires minimum effort to install rivnuts.

Gesipa Firebird Pro series battery rivnut tools can install rivnuts up to M12 in stainless steel, plus rivstud rivnuts up to M8 (with the rivstud nose assembly configured).

Contact us if you are interested in G-Sealed rivet nut inserts.


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