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All You Need to Know About Rivet Nuts and Rivet Nut Guns

What are rivet nuts?

Rivet nuts, also known as rivnuts, nutserts, blind rivet nuts, or threaded inserts, are one-piece internal thread inserts that can be installed in sheet metal and composite materials from one side to create a permanent and reusable thread.

These versatile creations come in a range of materials, and with so many different types of rivet nuts on the market, there are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for rivnuts.

At Rivetlab, we’ve compiled a comprehensive rivet nut guide so you can find everything you will ever need to know about rivet nuts! Whether you’re tossing up different materials, sizes or the type of tools to use – we have you covered at RivetLab!

Are rivet nuts versatile?

Yes, they are highly versatile. Rivet nuts come in different materials, such as steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and rubber. They can be installed into materials such as metal, plastic, carbon fibre, wood and more, where conventional hot welding is impractical. Rivet nuts are available in various sizes as well as body and flange shapes. They feature faster and easier assembly at reduced costs, so they are commonly used in industries and applications, including aerospace and agricultural equipment, medical technology, construction, automotive industry, electronic appliances, furniture assembly, HVAC, boat building, playground equipment and more.

Most rivet nuts need to be installed by using a rivnut tool. Depending on how the setting power is generated, rivnut tools can be categorised as manual rivet nut tools, battery or cordless rivnut guns and air nutsert guns.

Should I use a power rivet nut gun or a manual rivet nut gun?

When choosing a rivet nut gun, the first thing to consider is whether you need a power tool or a hand/manual tool. It depends on the volume of rivet nuts you plan to install. If it is a one-off project and you are looking at less than 100 rivet nuts in total, perhaps a hand tool is sufficient. If you plan to use the tool every day and go through hundreds of rivet nuts, then a power tool is worth the investment.

What's better, a battery rivnut gun or an air rivet nut gun?

The choice between these two depends on the location you plan to work in. If you are working on a job site without ready access to a compressed air supply, a battery-operated tool would be ideal. An extra battery is recommended for volume installations. If you are working in a factory or in one location, an air rivet nut gun could offer a faster solution for high-volume users.

The good news is that though air rivet nut guns generally provide more power, quality cordless nutsert guns these days offer fast installation speed and large setting capacity as well. Some battery tools can reach up to M12 in stainless steel. The Gesipa Firebird Pro Gold S nutsert gun is a good example. This presents more options for users searching for a good balance tool between convenience and efficiency.

Does size and material matter?

The next question is what size and type of material the rivet nuts you are working with. Most rivnut tools are compatible with a range of rivnut sizes. They come with a full set of nosepieces and mandrels, so you don’t have to buy multiple tools. Check the tool’s setting capacity and make sure the size of rivnut you install is in the working range.

The material of rivnut is another factor to consider. Stainless steel rivnuts require more pulling force to install. So if you are in this material zone, double check the material setting capacity description and make sure the tool is capable of stainless steel rivnuts of that size.

If you are looking to purchase quality rivet nuts and rivet nut guns, we’ve got you covered! With a wide range and selection of rivet nuts and rivet nut guns, our team have everything you could possibly need when it comes to rivet nuts. Get in touch with reliable rivet suppliers today and let them know what you need.

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