• Gesipa Birdie Cordless Rivet Gun Kit

Gesipa® Birdie® 18V Li Ion Cordless Rivet Gun – setting rivets up to 5.0mm ø (Two Battery Kit)

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The new 18V Gesipa® Birdie® is the fastest, smallest and lightest battery rivet gun in its class. With its 10KN setting force and 25mm setting stroke, this new battery rivet gun offers excellent value for both on and off-site high production users, installing standard and structural rivets up to 5.0mm in all materials. Weighing only 900g (without battery), the new Birdie® allows extended hours of operation without fatigue.

Like other battery rivet guns in the Gesipa® ‘Bird’ family, the Birdie® features 100% ball-bearing mounted components in the drive unit and the powerful brushless DC (BLDC) motor for increased workflow and longer service life. It is powered by CAS (Cordless Alliance System) batteries, which provide a longer run time for the tool and lower battery replacement costs.

The integrated ring light illuminates the nosepiece and the riveting point, allowing the tool to be used in various work environments. The control system signals the need to recharge visually and acoustically when the battery is exhausted. Cleaning the nose assembly and changing the nosepiece becomes much more straightforward. No tools are required. Furthermore, the colour-coded nose assemblies let you easily pick the correct-sized nosepiece to suit the rivet you are installing.

This tool comes with two CAS batteries and a charger in L-Boxx. If you already own CAS batteries and chargers, the Gesipa Birdie Skin Version is the perfect choice.

Read Gesipa® Birdie®, Your All-In-One Electric Rivet Gun, for more information on this tool.


  • 25mm of setting stroke
  • Brushless DC motor increases workflow
  • LED ring light to suit various work environments
  • Colour-coded nose assemblies assist you in choosing the correct nose assembly for the rivet
  • Mandrel collection system – the gravity-controlled evacuation of spent mandrels
  • Attachment for hands-free carriage
  • Compatible with all 18 volt batteries and charger of the CAS partners including Metabo®
  • Two battery kit, supplied in L-Boxx with charger

Brand : GESIPA

Product Code: GT-BIRDIE-C2

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