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As the leading provider of innovative riveting solutions, Gesipa® has revolutionised industrial riveting with its advanced GAV Automatic Feed Riveting system. The GAV system is designed to streamline and automate the process of riveting, improving efficiency and productivity in various industrial applications.

The GAV Automatic Rivet Gun system consists of a combination of hardware and software components. Using the rivet gun variants, it can be operated manually or integrated into robotic systems.

There are three different installation guns available:

A standard rivet gun with a hose assembly fed from below

The standard rivet gun is used for manual operation. It is compatible with vertical and horizontal riveting alike. It is the most economical variant, which can be fitted with an additional handle to improve ergonomics. This is particularly beneficial in a vertical riveting process application.

Standard Robotic Rivet Gun
Overhead Robotic Rivet Gun

An overhead rivet gun with a hose assembly fed from above

The overhead rivet gun is designed for applications when the hose assembly is in the way of the operator’s legs or when it might contact sensitive surfaces. It is also available with contact pressure monitoring.

A robotic rivet gun

The robotic rivet gun can be used as part of fully automatic manufacturing systems and those operated by robots. It can be configured with an additional handle (with a trigger button) for manual operations.

Robotic Rivet Gun

GAV 8000 Eco and Electronic

The GAV 8000 Automatic Riveting Machine comes in two versions: the GAV 8000 Eco basic variant without installation process monitoring and the GAV 8000 electronic variant for industrial manufacturing applications with integrated installation process monitoring. Both versions will reduce your time and cost by 50% and can be operated independently, integrated into a system or connected to a robot.


  • Easy to operate, no specialist operating staff is needed
  • Up to 40 rivets can be installed every minute within a maximum working radius of 5m
  • Vacuum extraction of the spent mandrels

Working Capacity

  • Ø 2.4mm to 6.4mm for aluminium
  • Up to Ø 6mm for steel
  • Up to Ø 5mm for stainless steel
  • Head diameter up to 11.4mm
  • Rivet body lengths over 30mm
  • Setting force up to 12KN with air pressure 6 bar
GAV 8000 Eco vs. GAV 8000 Electronic
GAV 8000 Eco vs. GAV 8000 Electronic GAV 8000 eco GAV 8000 electronic
Possible size range 2.4 mm–6.4 mm (alu) check-mark check-mark
Up to 40 setting processes every minute check-mark check-mark
Independent operation possible check-mark check-mark
PLC control possible check-mark check-mark
Intelligent control system – high process reliability check-mark check-mark
Option to adjust settings for all operating parameters on the display check-mark check-mark
Maintenance displayed check-mark check-mark
Power supply unit: Convenient automatic adaptation to all country-specific power grids through wide-range input check-mark check-mark
Simple update of the control unit possible via USB interface check-mark check-mark
Modern 7" display with high resolution (800x480 px), good contrasts and improved viewing angle dependence check-mark check-mark
Process monitoring cross-mark check-mark
Storage of process parameters for up to 9,999 different components cross-mark check-mark
Online transfer of process data cross-mark check-mark
Storage of the last 100.000 riveting processes on the too cross-mark check-mark

Benefits of the GAV system (fully automated)

Maximum Precision

The GAV Automated Riveting System is engineered to deliver exceptional precision in the riveting process. It utilises advanced sensors, control algorithms, and robotic technology to ensure accurate and consistent rivet placement. This high accuracy level helps achieve tight tolerances, ensuring the rivets are securely and reliably installed.

Excellent Profitability

By automating the riveting process, the GAV system contributes to increased profitability. It enables higher production throughput by reducing the time required for each riveting operation. The system’s efficiency and productivity improvements can lead to cost savings and improved overall profitability for manufacturing operations.

Short Cycle Times

The GAV Automatic Riveter system is designed for efficient and rapid riveting operations. It can significantly reduce the cycle time compared to manual riveting methods. The automated system’s speed and efficiency allow quicker completion of riveting tasks, enabling faster overall production cycles.

A High Degree of Flexibility

The GAV system offers a high degree of flexibility in riveting applications. It can be programmed to handle various rivet types, sizes, and patterns, accommodating different workpieces and manufacturing requirements. This adaptability makes the system suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, providing manufacturers with versatility and the ability to meet changing production needs.

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