RivetLab provides high-performance Huck® Rivets, such as Magna-Lok®, HuckLok® and Magna-Bulb®. Contact us for technical advice on Huck® Rivets for your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Huck® Rivets?
Huck® Rivets are Huck® branded structural rivets, manufactured by Howmet® Fastening Systems. In some instances, “Huck Rivets” becomes a generic name – It could be referred to Magna-Lok®, HuckLok® or Magna-Bulb® rivets, or any other structural rivets. Nevertheless, Huck® Rivets are one of the most popular high strength rivets, providing excellent resistance to vibration and moisture.

Are Huck® Rivets and Huck® Bolts the same?
No. Huck® Rivets and Huck® Bolts are two different types of fasteners. Huck® Rivets are rivets (one-piece fastener), which can be installed from one side of the material. Huck® Bolts are lock bolts (two-piece fastener), which require the access to both sides of the material to place the pin and collar. However, in general, Huck® Bolts provide greater shear and tensile strength than Huck® Rivets after installation.

How are Huck® Rivets installed?
Huck® Rivets are installed using either a rivet gun or a lock bolt tool (with a correct nose assembly installed), just like other rivets:
• Insert the rivet mandrel into the tool’s nose assembly
• Insert the rivet body into a pre-drilled hole
• The jaw mechanism of the tool pulls the mandrel through a rivet body and breaks the mandrel at a set point, causing the rivet body to expand and permanently join the two pieces of material together

Where are Huck® Rivets used?
Due to their versatility, Huck® Rivets can be used for a wide range of applications, where structural connection is required and vibration resistance is essential: Automotive such as Tesla® and Volvo® manufacturing; Trucks and trailers such as Kenworth manufacturing & maintenance; Aerospace such as Boeing manufacturing; RV vehicles, caravans and camper trailers; HVAC; Military and defence equipment and vehicles; Security fencing; Ute vehicles and more…

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