Steel Rivet Nuts are zinc plated. They are used for general purpose applications with higher temperature resistance. Available in various profiles. Sizes are available from M3 to M16.

  • Large Flange Steel Rivet Nuts


    RivetLab offers Large Flange Steel Rivnuts which are optimal for high push-out applications. Available from M3 to M16 as well as in various profiles.
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  • Low Profile Steel Rivet Nuts

    LOW PROFILE (24)

    Find low profile steel Threaded Inserts at RivetLab which are optimal for low profile applications in thin sheets. Available from M3 to M12.
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  • Hex Steel Rivet Nuts

    HEX (36)

    Hex Steel Rivet Nut Inserts are used in conjunction with a hexagon hole. Therefore, maximum resistance to applied torque or unscrewing torque is achieved. They are available in large flange as well as thin flange.
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  • Plus Nuts

    PLUS NUTS (7)

    Plus Nuts provide the ultimate pull out strength in thin metals and plastic. They feature the widest grip range of any blind threaded inserts. The pre-bulbed feature ensures easy installation.
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  • J Nuts

    J-NUT (6)

    J Nuts from RivetLab® are designed to be installed in soft or brittle materials such as plastic, paper or glass. They are suitable for light duty applications.
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  • Rivstuds

    RIVSTUDS (4)

    Flanged head Rivstuds are designed for use in hard metric dimensioned drilled or punched holes. They feature a rivnut body with a stud and can be used as an alternative to weld-studs or clinch-studs. Available from M4 to M8 from RivetLab®.
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