RivetLab supplies Australia’s most extensive range of Nutserts and Rivet Nuts. As well as Steel and Stainless Steel Rivnuts we carry Aluminium Nutserts from M3-M16. In addition, we carry profiles such as large flange, low profile, closed and Hex Nutserts.....

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Deciding on the right materials to use on a job can sometimes be difficult, just like finding the perfect rivet nuts.


RivetLab, the rivet specialists, are here to assist you. We supply the most extensive range of nutserts and rivet nuts in Australia. Rivet nuts are made from different materials such as:

● Aluminium

● Steel

● Stainless steel

● Rubber

Compared to a screw or bolt, Rivet nuts are radially swelled to the shape of a hole. It also prevents the weakening of substrates due to vibration over time. Maintaining the rigidity of the joined materials is essential to joint strength and a reliable hold.

Three Benefits of Using Rivet Nuts:

● They are blind fasteners, reliable, strong, and vibration-resistant

● They form a solid foundation to other threaded fasteners or screw-in bolts

● They are the best for mass production and can help lower installation costs.


Rivet nuts are not only reliable fasteners, but it is also easy to install regardless of the thickness of materials. In addition, they provide secured load-bearing threads into weak materials such as extrusions, castings, housings, tubes, and panels.

There are several types of rivnuts to choose from that depends on what you need.

RivetLab supplies quality products such as rivet nuts, rivet tools and lock bolts. We have an extensive range of rivet nuts to help you complete your pending job. Our company has been in this business for many years now and we can assure you that all our products have passed strict industry standards and are manufactured from strong, durable and premium quality materials.

RivetLab also takes great pride in having an efficient customer service team. As the Authorised Service Centres for Gesipa®, FAR® and POP®, our well-trained CS team are ready to answer your queries as each staff has the extensive product knowledge, especially about rivet nuts and nutserts. We can also help you to understand the best rivnuts for your project.

We’re willing and happy to help you by providing you with the best advice depending on what you need.

Contact us @0298821112 or send us an email: sales@rivetlab.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rivet nuts should I use?
When choosing a rivet nut, you should consider the grip range, which is the most important. Other attributes that need to be checked are material, body style, flange/head size, thread size and overall length.

How strong are rivnuts?
A rivet nut is incredibly strong and has similar resistance to stresses as bolts and nuts combinations.

Can I use rivet nuts in different materials?
Yes. It can work with a wide range of carbon fibre, plastic, aluminium, steel, and fibreglass.

What are the things to consider when buying rivet nut tools?
Blind rivet nut tools have different setting capacities. The rivet nuts you are installing should be in the capacity range. (Always use the correct size mandrel and nosepiece of the rivet nut tool to install rivet nuts). You should also consider whether you need a power tool or a hand tool, the type of material you’re working with, and most importantly, the all-ease of use and safety.

What is the different style feature of Rivet nuts?
There are numerous variants of rivet nuts. For example, there are round splined rivet nuts, hexagonal, half-hex, closed-ended or studded rivnuts.

How to install a rivet nut?
Rivet nuts, or blind threaded inserts, can be installed using manually or specialized rivet nut tools such as manual ratchet tool, lever tool, cordless or battery rivet nut tool, pneumatic or spin-spin rivet gun, or by hydro-pneumatic or spin-pull.

  • Steel Rivet Nuts

    Steel (113)

    Steel Rivet Nuts are zinc plated. They are used for general purpose applications with higher temperature resistance. Available in various profiles. Sizes are available from M3 to M16. 
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  • Stainless Steel Rivet Nuts

    Stainless (75)

    Stainless Steel Rivet Nuts are suitable for applications requiring corrosion resistance. Available in 304 and 316 as well as round body, hex body and closed end from M3 to M12.
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  • Aluminium Rivet Nuts

    Aluminium (22)

    Aluminium Rivnuts are suitable for applications requiring low weight and higher corrosion resistance. Available from M3 to M10 with large flange as well as low profile.
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  • Rubber Rivet Nuts

    Rubber (18)

    Rubber Rivet Nut from RivetLab is optimal for applications where isolation to reduce vibration and noise transmission is desirable. Suitable for thin as well as thick plates, pipes, glass and plywood.
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