RivetLab supplies Australia’s most extensive range of Nutserts and Rivet Nuts. As well as Steel and Stainless Steel nutserts, we carry Aluminium Nutserts from M3-M16. In addition, we carry profiles such as large flange, low profile, closed and Hex Nutserts.

  • Steel Nutserts

    Steel Nutserts (113)

    Steel Rivet Nuts are zinc plated. They are used for general purpose applications with higher temperature resistance. Available in various profiles. Sizes are available from M3 to M16. 
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  • Stainless Steel Nutserts

    Stainless Nutserts (78)

    Stainless Steel Nutserts are suitable for applications requiring corrosion resistance. Available in 304 and 316 as well as round body, hex body and closed end from M3 to M12.
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  • Aluminium Nutserts

    Aluminium Nutserts (22)

    Aluminium Rivnuts are suitable for applications requiring low weight and higher corrosion resistance. Available from M3 to M10 with large flange as well as low profile.
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  • Rubber Nuts

    Rubber Nuts (18)

    Rubber Rivet Nut from RivetLab is optimal for applications where isolation to reduce vibration and noise transmission is desirable. Suitable for thin as well as thick plates, pipes, glass and plywood.
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