• Steel Multi Grip Lock Bolts

    Steel Multi Grip (8)

    Steel Pin and Collar Multi Grip Lock Bolts from RivetLab®. Wide grip range and high speed assembly. Available in truss head as well as button head style.
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  • Huck Bolts

    Huck® Bolts (28)

    Huck® Bolts are two piece fasteners consisting of a pin and a collar. They are an alternative solution to nuts and bolts. However, they deliver superior shear and tensile strengths as well as excellent vibration resistance. Huck® Magna Grip® lock bolts feature wide grip range to reduce your inventory. Call our sales team for technical advice.
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  • Panelok

    Panelok (6)

    Panelok is a bolt and nut combo, which is optimal for metal and wood applications. It provides a low profile finish on both sides after installation. Call our sales team for more technical information on Paneloks.
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