Your Ultimate Source for POP® Rivet Gun, Rivets, and Rivet Nut Tools

Explore a vast selection of POP® Rivets, POP® Rivet Guns, and POP® Rivet Nut Tools at RivetLab, proudly serving as an Authorised Dealer and Service Centre for POP® in Australia. As a leading provider of riveting solutions, we’re here to offer insight into the world of POP® and the versatile tools that make your fastening projects a breeze.

POP® Rivets: The Foundation of Secure Fastening

POP® Rivets are renowned for their outstanding quality and performance across diverse industries. Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, automotive, or DIY, our extensive range of POP® Rivets ensures you find the perfect match for your application. These rivets provide secure and lasting connections, making them a trusted choice worldwide.

Unveiling the POP Rivet Gun

A POP Rivet Gun, colloquially known as a rivet gun, is a reliable tool for installing blind rivets. Traditionally branded by Stanley Engineered Fastening as “POP®“, the term “POP Rivet Gun” has become a generic reference for any rivet gun used to install blind rivets. At RivetLab, we offer a diverse range of lightweight manual POP Rivet Guns, including the POP TT55D, designed for setting POP rivets up to 4.0mm. This tool is perfect for low-production use, providing precision and ease of operation.

Empowering Rivet Nut Installation

When it comes to rivet nut installation, RivetLab has you covered. We recommend the POP PNT110 for light users, capable of setting M3-M6 rivet nuts. For more demanding jobs, consider the POP PNT210 ratchet tool or the POP PNT410 lever tool, both of which significantly reduce the physical force required to install rivet nuts up to M12. These tools are engineered for efficiency, ensuring a smooth installation process even in the most challenging applications.

Experience the RivetLab Advantage

Partner with RivetLab to access a world of high-quality POP products and innovative tools designed to simplify your fastening needs. And remember, when you need bulk quantities, don’t hesitate to contact us for exclusive bulk discount offers tailored to your project’s requirements. Trust in the quality, reliability, and expertise offered by POP Rivets, POP Rivet Guns, and Rivet Nut Tools from RivetLab. Your riveting success begins here!

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