POP® provides a wide variety of high-quality POP Rivets, POP Rivet Guns and POP Rivet Nut Tools. RivetLab is proud to be an Authorised Dealer and Service Centre for POP® in Australia.

We supply lightweight manual POP Rivet Guns such as the POP TT55D – setting POP rivets up to 4.0mm. It is perfect for low-production use. If you are installing rivet nuts, we suggest the POP PNT110 (setting M3-M6 rivet nuts) for light users and, the POP PNT210 ratchet tool & the POP PNT410 lever tool for more demanding jobs. Both tools significantly reduce the physical force to install rivet nuts up to M12.

POP Rivet & POP Rivet Gun FAQs

What is a rivet?

A rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener, which can be installed from one side of the workpiece and create a permanent joint with excellent resistance to vibration and corrosion.

What is a POP rivet?

A POP rivet is a POP®-branded blind rivet. Although POP® is a trademark of Stanley Engineered Fastening, it has become a generic name for any type of rivets with a body and mandrel. In fact, POP® was the original manufacturer of blind rivets. The name of the POP rivet initially comes from the popping sound when a mandrel breaks after a rivet is set.

What are the applications of a POP rivet?

A POP rivet is versatile. It can be installed into different materials such as plastic, metal, carbon fibre, wood, etc. Therefore, it can be used in various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, agriculture, HVAC and electronic devices.

What to consider when selecting the most suitable rivet?

● Grip range – the thickness of materials that a rivet can join effectively.
● Hole size – always prepare hole size to the manufacturer’s specification.
● Material – pick the correct material rivet for both sides of the workpiece to avoid galvanic corrosion.
● Flange – pick the most suitable flange for your application.
● Strength – check the shear and tensile strength of the rivet, especially for some critical applications.

Read the blog Five Elements to Consider Selecting the Most Suitable Rivets for more information on selecting the correct rivets.

What is a POP Rivet Gun?

A POP Rivet Gun is a POP® branded rivet gun. Although it is trademarked by Stanley Engineered Fastening, ‘POP Rivet Gun’ has become a generic term for any rivet gun for installing blind rivets.

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