RivetLab SRLB Battery Lockbolt & Structural Rivet Tool

$ 3,289.00 inc. GST

The RivetLab SRLB is the latest innovation for a cordless rivet tool, designed for industrial production work and on-site installation. It features a faster and more powerful brushless DC(BLDC) motor for increased work flow and longer service life. This tool installs lockbolts and structural rivets up to 6.4mm and boasts a remarkable 20KN pulling power. The tool-head accepts HUCK® and GAGEBILT® nose assemblies (sold separately) which can be quickly & easily changed to suit rivets and lockbolts up to 1/4″ in diameter.


  • Easy to change nose assemblies
  • Stroke increased to 25mm
  • Well balanced weight distribution and ergonomic grip
  • Attachment for hands-free carriage
  • Mandrel collecting system
  • Lightweight and durable 18V Li-lon battery
  • Two battery kit with 2.1Ah batteries, supplied in a light weight carry case with charger

Product Specification

  • Weight : 2 kg
  • Length : 279 mm
  • Operating Voltage : 18 V DC
  • Pulling Force : 20,000 N
  • Stoke : 25 mm


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Product Code: RT-SRLB

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