FAR® FHU05 Air LockBolt & Structural Rivet Tool

$ 1,375.00 inc. GST

FAR FHU05 is a heavy-duty production tool designed for fast installation of lockbolts and structural rivets. This tool boasts more traction power than other tools of similar size while delivering users reliable operation over extended periods. The tool-head accepts a wide range of nose assemblies (sold separately) which can be quickly & easily changed to suit rivets and lockbolts from most manufacturers. Made in Italy, this tool has 12 months warranty.


  • Quick and easy to change nose assemblies for various applications (Nose assemblies sold separately)
  • Unique hydraulic oil refill system
  • Swivel airline fitting: 1/4" BSP thread
  • Spring balance attachment
  • Spent mandrel guard for safe operation
  • Well balanced weight distribution and ergonomic grip for fatigue free operation

Product Specification

  • Weight : 2.65 kg
  • Length : 240 mm
  • Pulling Force : 22,725
  • Stoke : 19.5 mm


Brand : FAR

Product Code: FT-FHU05

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