• Tools

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    RivetLab®  is a specialist supplier of Rivet Tools including Rivet Guns, Rivnut tools and Lockbolt tools. We are an importer and wholesaler that represents leading brands. Specifically Gesipa, FAR, POP and Gagebilt. We also offer tool servicing and provide the right advice on maintenance and operation.
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  • Rivets

    Rivets (170)

    RivetLab® is your go-to specialist for all types of high-performance Rivets. These include the Gesipa® Bulb-Tite and Ornit Orlock®. We also carry Standard Rivets, Multi-Grip Rivets, Structural Rivets and Sealed & Tri-Fold Rivets.
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  • Rivet Nuts

    Rivet Nuts (231)

    RivetLab supplies Australia's most extensive range of Rivet Nuts and Nutserts. Our inventory includes Steel and Stainless Steel nutserts and Aluminium Nutserts available in sizes ranging from M3 to M16. Additionally, we offer diverse profiles, such as large flange and low profile, and various body styles, including closed-end rivet nuts and Hex Nutserts.
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  • Lock Bolts

    Lock Bolts (42)

    Lock Bolts are two piece Pin and Collar Fasteners. The pin goes into one side of the joint material, while the collar goes over the pin from the other side. Specifically these are used in place of a nut and bolt where a vibration proof connection is a necessity.
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